Road Maintenance

2023 Road Bans

To protect paved and graveled roadways, a load restriction of 75% of legal axle weight will be in effect on all roadways within the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass effective May 1, 2023, at 12:00 am.

Removal of road ban will depend on weather and road conditions.

Request for exemptions will be considered.

For more information, please contact the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass at 403-563-2220.

Road Maintenance

The Municipality strives to provide safe and reliable roads throughout the year so that everyone can get where they need to.  This involves maintaining approximately 99km of paved roadways and 65km of gravel roadways throughout the community.  Over the course of the year, the Transportation Department completes annual street sweeping, pot hole repair, asphalt patching, sidewalk replacement, gravel grading, and snow clearing.


The Municipality utilizes a permanent bond asphalt cold mix to patch potholes.  We strive to repair them as soon as we can, however, sometimes we do not identify them right away.  If you notice a pothole in urgent need of repair, please call the Municipal office at 403-563-2220 and we will schedule an inspection.

Road Grading

The Municipality routinely grades the gravel roads to both reshape them and to remove the washboard that develops over time.  This ensures a quality surface for vehicles to travel on.  If you notice a roadway in need of repair, please contact the Municipal office at 403-563-2220.

Road Closures

Periodically, the Municipality needs to close roads to complete repairs.  All efforts will be made to minimize the duration of the closures.

Are you planning on needing a temporary road closure for an event?  Please contact the Municipal office at 403-562-8833 for details.