General Municipal Complaints

How to File a General Municipal Complaint

How to File a Municipal Complaint

The Municipality is always looking for ways to identify opportunities to improve our services.  If you have a complaint about one of our services, the process is as follows:    

Step 1

The majority of issues can be dealt with informally.  Our staff would like the opportunity to attempt to resolve your concern or address your issue before it becomes a formal complaint at the department level: 

  1. Please contact the applicable department by phone, email or letter with your name, contact information and a description of the issue or concern.
  2. The department will respond to you directly.

Step 2 (if unresolved at Step 1)

If your issue can not be resolved at the department level, you may proceed to file a formal complaint. 

  1. Formal complaints must be submitted on the Municipal Complaint Form. All complaints must be dated and signed by an identifiable individual.
  2. The complaint will be investigated and the results will be provided to the Complainant in writing within 30 days.