Special Event Information Guide

This is a standard guide for event organizers to ensure occupant safety and compliance with the Alberta Fire Code. Please follow this guide carefully, as these items will be reviewed for compliance during required routine walk throughs by Fire Service personnel. Should you have any questions or concerns contact the Crowsnest Pass Fire Rescue at 403-562-8600.

Special Event Information- Crowsnest Pass Fire Rescue

Highway Closures

During the winter months, highway closures may occur particularly on Highway 3 between Coleman and Sparwood.  Adverse weather events such as heavy snowfall and gusting winds can create whiteout conditions on the highway and make travelling this corridor extremely unsafe. Highway closures are ordered by the Minister of Transportation. Crowsnest Pass Fire/Rescue supports the Minister by providing personnel and equipment to man the closure gate and control traffic within the Crowsnest Pass. Highway closure information and updates will be posted on the municipal website on the homepage and the Crowsnest Pass Fire/Rescue Facebook page as they occur.  

Designated parking has been established during highway closures for large trucks (without dangerous goods) on 20th Avenue in Blairmore from Lost Lemon Bridge to Tim Horton’s and 107 Street adjacent to the old hospital site. Trucks hauling Dangerous Goods are instructed to stage at the large parking lot just west of Frank or back at the Burmis Scales.

Open Air Burning Notice

As per Bylaw 839, 2012 Fire & Rescue Service Bylaw- No person shall permit an open air fire or any other fire upon land owned, occupied, or under his or her control within the Municipality, unless a permit has been obtained, the provisions outlined on the permit are complied with, and burnable debris is burned.

A permit shall not be required under this Bylaw to conduct:
(i) The cooking of food using a portable barbecuing appliance;
(ii) Recreational burning or the cooking of food in acceptable fire pits or acceptable fireplaces, provided:
(iii) Only clean fuel is used such as natural gas, dry wood or charcoal in amounts which will be contained within the fire pit or fireplace below the mesh screen;
(iv) The fire pit or fireplace is not used to burn prohibited debris;
(v) A means, acceptable to the Fire Chief of controlling or extinguishing the fire is available on the property and within reasonable distance from where the fire occurs; and
(vi) A responsible adult is present on the property when the fire is burning;
(vii) Burning in fireplaces in or attached to dwellings as provided by Legislation;
(viii) Burning in Municipal owned campgrounds and parks where fireplaces, stoves and fire pits are provided by or approved by the Municipality;
(x) Burning in an incinerator for which a permit to construct and licence to operate has been issued pursuant to the applicable Legislation; or
(xi) Burning by the Municipality of Crowsnest Fire and Rescue Service for the purpose of training
its members

Any person wishing to obtain an Open Air Fire Permit shall apply to the Fire Chief during the normal business hours of the Municipality at 403-562-8600 or jesse.fox@crowsnestpass.com.