Requests for Information / FOIP

Requests for Information / FOIP

If you have a request for information from the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass please consider the following:

Proactive Disclosure

There is a large volume of documents that are provided to the public routinely as proactive disclosure.  This includes items such as Council minutes, packages, bylaws, policies, organizational reviews and other items posted throughout the website.  If you are looking for documents such as these, (including older records) that may fall under proactive disclosure, you can contact the Document Management Clerk and request that your item be placed on the website, if your request is more in-depth or is otherwise not appropriate for the website for any reason (i.e. is protected by FOIP or contains protected information)  you may be asked to make a FOIP Request. 

Making a Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Request

FOIP requests must be received in writing.  Please fill out the form below and bring it into the Municipal Office with the $25.00 fee.  Please note: if your request is large or time consuming other fees may apply as per the table below.  You can request a quote from the FOIP Coordinator prior to submitting your form.  For more information or assistance filling out your form please contact the FOIP Coordinator at the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass.                              

FOIP Request Form

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Municipality of Crowsnest Pass- Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
Request for/ confirmation of Legal Description or Municipal Address $ 15.00
Request for Council meeting recordings $ 30.00
Staff time researching files $ 27.00 per hour
FOIP Request - one time request $ 25.00
FOIP Request - continuing request $ 50.00
Additional Fees
For searching, locating and retrieving a record $ 14.00
For Producing a Record from an Electronic Record
Computer processing and related charges Actual cost to the municipality
Computer programming $ 20.00 per 1/4 hour
Photocopies and computer printout - black and white up to 8.5 x 14 $ 0.60 per page
Photocopies and computer printouts - other formats $ 1.00 per page
Photocopies and computer printouts - plans and blueprints $ 1.00 per page
For producing a copy of a record by any process or in any medium not listed above
For preparing and handling a record for disclosure $ 6.00
For shipping a record or a copy $ 6.00


Service Alberta - Access to Records Information

Service Alberta has a new webpage called “Access to Records” that lets people know how to make a FOIP Request.

The “Access to Records” page ( ) provides people with general instructions about how to access records from a public body, how to make a FOIP request for general information, how to make a request for personal information, and how to request a correction of personal information.

Municipality of Crowsnest Pass Information Banks




Personal Information


Purpose of Information Collected

Taxes Related to Property

(Property Owners, tenant and third party)

8502-19th Avenue Coleman

Name (property owner, tenant, interested third party)

Municipal Taxation Clerk or designate and Administration

Assessment of property and collection of property taxes, local assessments, land sales, title changes and matters relating to property ownership

Address: (civic, legal, mailing)

Telephone(cell, land line, fax)


Property (Owners and occupants of Property)

8502-19th Avenue Coleman

Name (property owner, tenant,)

Municipal Utilities Clerk or designate and Administration

Utility levies and collection of the same and matters relating to utility servicing

Address: (civic, legal, mailing)

Telephone(cell, land line, fax)

Sales and Invoicing


8502-19th Avenue Coleman


Municipal Department Clerks and Administration

Provision of municipal services and the collection of the same

Address (mailing)

Telephone(cell, land line, fax)

Geographic Information System (GIS)

(Property Owners)

Oldman River Regional Services Commission 3105 – 16th Avenue North
Lethbridge, Alberta

Name (property owner)

Municipal clerks, operations staff, Development Officer, Administration and affiliated agencies/contractors

Record of land ownership, infrastructure, utilities, and all municipal geographic data and for development purposes

Address: (civic, legal, mailing)



8502-19th Avenue Coleman


Municipal Clerks, warehouse operator  and Administration

Purchase  of products and services and the payment of the same

Address: (mailing)

Telephone(cell, land line, fax, email)

Human Resources/ Payroll (employees and paid on call employees)

8502-19th Avenue Coleman


Payroll Clerk or designate, Benefit Clerk or designate and Administration

For the purpose of payroll and benefit management and administration