Press Release – Strategic Plan 2019-2024

November 12, 2019 - For Immediate Release – The Municipality Strategic Plan 2019-2024 has been approved by Council.   The plan identifies the vision, mission and values for the organization as well as seven goals where the Municipality will direct its energy and resources over the next several years. 

The Plan was developed through eight planning sessions with Council, engagement of 30 different stakeholders across 20 different sectors and a brainstorming session with staff.  Now that the plan is finalized and approved, the Municipality will begin the implementation plan where initiatives and actions will be brought forward to support the strategies, which will then be assigned metrics for measuring their success.    The Municipality’s immediate focus will be on the strategies that are placed in the ‘now’ category within the plan.  The strategic plan will be used during the 2020 budget deliberations to ensure that new items brought forward are aligned.  

Strategic Planning within a Municipality is an ongoing process, progress towards achieving the plan’s objectives will be assessed annually, and the plan will be continually reviewed to make sure it is meeting the shifting needs of our community.

View the Municipal Strategic Plan 2019-2024 here.

Press Release – Change in Governance with Pass Powderkeg Ski Society - October 23, 2019

October 23, 2019 - For Immediate Release – The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass owns the Pass Powderkeg Ski Hill in Blairmore.  Currently, the Ski Hill is operated through an operating agreement with the Pass Powderkeg (PPK) Ski Society.  The Society voted at their September 26, 2019 Society Meeting to change their governance structure, transitioning away from being an operating board.  This change would take effect on November 1, 2019 in advance of the 2019/2020 Ski Season. 

The Municipality and the Society have had ongoing dialogue on their structure and are both in agreement that this change would be mutually beneficial.  The Municipality received correspondence from the Society on October 3, 2019 indicating that they wish to pursue an early termination of the operating agreement and move to a new structure where they will continue to provide service to the Ski Hill as an advisory board.   The Society writes that:

the Society believes that the operating agreement no longer actually describes our actual working contribution to the ski hill given that the operation of the facility has significantly grown in complexity since the time the agreement was made.  This discrepancy has resulted in role confusion and unclear organizational authority structure.  We believe the facility will be better served by its formalized integration into the Municipality’s administration structure as a stand-alone recreational facility.  The society doesn’t wish to sever its relationship to the ski hill or the Municipality, in fact, we wish to increase our contribution to the facility [in this new advisory role]

At the October 22, 2019 Council Meeting, Council discussed and agreed to the early termination request from the Society.  Therefore, on November 1, 2019 the Municipality will assume operation of the ski hill in a similar manner as our other recreational facilities like the Crowsnest Complex and MDM Community Centre and the Society will be transiting into a new capacity to support the success of the hill. There will be no change to current and proposed 2019/2020 staffing levels or to the operational plans for the year.  The Ski Hill Manager, seasonal and term employees that are in place will remain in their roles.

The Municipality wishes to thank the society for their dedicated service to the hill over the years, and we look forward to working with them in this new capacity.   

Press Release – Disruption in Recycling Service - September 18, 2019

September 18, 2019 - For Immediate Release – The Municipality currently contracts out recycling to a third-party business who provides the collection bins and organizes the recycling of plastics, cardboards, metals, glass and newsprint.   

Our recycling contractor advised the Municipality in a letter and in person at the August 21, 2019 Council Meeting that he was running out of storage space at the facility in Frank.  One of Canada’s largest buyers of recycled material, China has stopped taking certain types of recyclables, which has caused widespread stockpiling of recycled products in many jurisdictions across North America.  On August 21, 2019, Council passed a motion to allow our Contractor to use some Municipal land to store the recyclables in the hope the market will rebound.  Since then, Council has actively been lobbying higher levels of government regarding our recycling crisis in the Crowsnest Pass.

Unfortunately, due to the poor market for recyclables, our contractor has served the Municipality notice that he will cease providing the recycling service to the Municipality effective October 6, 2019.  The Municipality will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) and start the process of locating another contractor, however based on the widespread issues facing other communities it is not known when and if one can be located. 

As such there will be a disruption in recycling service for an unknown length of time for cardboard, newsprint, plastic, metal and glass.  The bottle depot will continue to operate as normal.  During this disruption, the recycling fee on the Municipal Utility Bill will not be levied starting in October.  The Crowsnest Pass/Pincher Creek Landfill will continue to accept recycled items.

Municipal Council will continue to look at possible solutions so we can bring this program back to our residents.  We would like to thank Pass Beverages for their years of service providing recycling to the Crowsnest Pass.

Press Release - Albert Stella Memorial Arena Closure

January 29, 2019 - For Immediate Release – The Municipality retained an engineering consultant to perform a structural analysis on the Albert Stella Memorial Arena to determine the structural integrity of the building.  The results of that analysis are that the building has been deemed unsafe for public use under wind and snow loads which could result in catastrophic failure under these conditions.

Upon receipt of this report, this item was added to the Special Council Meeting agenda this morning and Council passed a motion to close the Albert Stella Memorial Arena effective immediately in order to ensure the safety of the user groups and staff.   The Municipality realizes this facility provides important recreational opportunities to the community, however, public safety must come first.

The Municipality will be working with affected user groups to try to accommodate their activities at other facilities in the meantime.  In addition, the Municipality will be exploring options on how to replace this important facility within the community.

Press Release – 2019 Budget

December 14, 2018 - For Immediate Release – Council is pleased to announce they have ratified the 2019 budget.  The approved budget is an 18 million dollar operating budget for 2019 and a 17 million dollar Capital Budget over 2019-2020.  Included in the budget is 31 new initiatives totaling in excess of 2 million dollars.  The budget includes a tax increase of 2.5% for residential, 3.5% for commercial and 1.5% in utilities.  Mayor and Council have provided that they are very proud of this budget, they are committed to seeing improvement and positive changes in our community and are very pleased to deliver a budget that will see us actioning 31 new initiatives in the new year. 

The approved Budget package, which contains the initiatives will be on the website shortly, as soon as the requested changes from Council are incorporated from the December 11 and 14 meetings. 


Powderkeg Ski Area, located in the Crowsnest Pass, will open its 80th ski season on Saturday, November 17, 2018 at 10am. Following last year’s historic early open, Pass Powderkeg is continuing its commitment to offer eager skiers and snowboarders from Southern Alberta and SE British Columbia the chance to get back on the slopes in November. The day will kick off with a short ceremony outside the PPK Lodge to welcome back winter. Chef Alejandro Verdi and his team will have the kitchen open all day serving up great food.




August 24, 2018 - For Immediate Release – Council and administration have been working with staff, consultants, and industry experts to identify the needs and risks for the Crowsnest Sports Complex ice making plant.

After extensive consultation and review of the report generated from the Fernie Memorial Arena fatalities, Council has directed Administration to conduct the following:  $50,000 to $70,000 in immediate repairs to the Crowsnest Sports Complex, with the goal of having ice available for the users on October 1, 2018, as well as an immediate plan of placing a new ice plant in the new initiatives for the 2019 Budget.

As a result of this decision, it is anticipated that ice will be available on Monday, October 1, 2018 for the skating rink and the following week for the curling rink.

The Municipality will be hosting a meeting early next week for the regular ice user groups to address concerns and answer questions.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 14, 2018 1:00pm –– The Wildfire near Passburg is responding well to air and helitack suppression.  The fire is now Being Held and Municipal fire crews are standing down.

Forestry air and helitack crews will remain on scene until the fire is completely out.

The Evacuation Alert for Passburg Drive residents has been lifted.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 14, 2018 11:25am –– A new wildfire has been discovered approximately 5-10 km north east of the Crowsnest Pass on the south facing slope of the Livingstone Range.

AN EVACUATION ALERT has been issued as a precaution for residents of Passburg Drive.  At this time, the fire is NOT moving toward those homes.

Forestry crews have been dispatched to the area.

As the area is remote, air support is being mobilized; Forestry and Municipal ground crews are on standby to support as needed.

The Municipality will continue to closely monitor this situation and provide updates as necessary.

PRESS RELEASE: March 7, 2018 - Patrick Thomas has been hired as Crowsnest Pass’ new Chief Administrative Officer

Mayor Painter and Council for the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass are pleased to announce that Patrick Thomas has accepted the position of Chief Administrative Officer for the Municipality.  Patrick commenced his employment in the position of Director of Development, Engineering, and Operations with the Municipality in April 2014 and was appointed as the Acting Chief Administrative Officer in July 2017.  His prior working background was with the City of Leduc and the private industry in the area of geotechnical, materials and environmental engineering.  Patrick’s professional background includes a designation as a Professional Engineer and a Certified Local Government Manager.

Please join us in welcoming Patrick to his new position!