Meet our Fire Fighters!

Beginning July 2022, we are taking the opportunity to let the community get a look into the lives of the firefighters who volunteer for the Crowsnest Pass Fire Department. 

Lieutenant Craig Marshall

Lieutenant Craig Marshall is the firefighter we would like to highlight July 2022.

“Hey, I’m Craig! 

I was born and raised in the Crowsnest Pass. Outside of Fire fighting I work with the Municipality in the Public Works Department. I’m very proud to live here and have two jobs that revolve around public service. 

I joined the Crowsnest Pass Fire Rescue Department in 2016. I quickly realized that firefighting and volunteering in my community was a lot of fun and very rewarding. The department has provided multiple opportunities to challenge myself physically and mentally through training and working on emergency scenes. Providing high quality service for our citizens is something I’ve grown to be very passionate about. 

I have been a member of the department for six years now. I currently work as a Lieutenant and EMR, stationed in Blairmore. My favourite part about fire fighting is training. I have been given the opportunity to travel and put in many hours taking courses and training sessions with other departments throughout southern Alberta and BC. I’ve met some highly motivated professionals and mentors who have helped shape who I am today. Learning new skills is a lot of fun, but the best part of my job is passing on what I’ve learned through our departments training program. This department has given me the opportunity to work with a great group of people and do some amazing things.

Outside of firefighting, you can find me out in the mountains hiking, biking, skiing, and camping.”

Thank you Lieutenant Marshall for all of the hard work, time and effort you have put into the Crowsnest Pass Fire department, and your community.