Please note that the Municipality does not mail business licenses. If you wish to have your business license emailed to you, please contact us at 403-562-8833 or Alternatively, you can make arrangements to pick up your business license at the Municipal office during regular business hours.

Business Licences

Pursuant to Business License Bylaw 842, 2012 , No person shall engage in or operate within or partly within the Municipality any business described within this bylaw or any non-resident business unless that person holds a business license authorizing the engagement in or operation of that business and having paid to the municipality the fee as per the Fees and Charges Bylaw 951, 2016.

Business shall mean any trade, profession, occupation, industry, employment or calling carried on for the purpose of profit or gain and invoicing for goods and services; and any activity providing goods and/or services whether or not for profit and however organized or formed, including a co-operative or association of persons. Business License Application Form

Businesses that operate without a valid license are in contravention of Bylaw 842, 2012 and may be subject to a penalty in an amount not less than $500.00. If your business is no longer active it is your responsibility to notify the Municipality in writing and we will remove your business from our directory.   Please fill out the attached form and return to the Municipality in person or by email to Business License Cancellation Form

A licensee shall apply to the Licensing Inspector for an amendment to the license if there is a change in:
(a) The Business Premises;
(b) The owner of the Business;
(c) The contact information of the Business;
(d) The Business name;
(e) The type of Business carried on;

A Development Permit may be required prior to receiving a business license or to approve a change in the type of business being carried on.  Please contact the municipal office (403) 562-8833 with all business license inquiries.


  • Charitable or Non-Profit Organizations
  • A business that is carried on or operated by the Government of Alberta, Canada, or the Municipality
  • Foster Homes as interpreted and administered under the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act of Alberta
  • Day Home Care for Children
  • Home Catalogue Representatives
  • The operator of a stall within a Farmer’s Market
  • Any proprietor that is exempt under Provincial or Federal legislation
  • Auctioneers (some exceptions apply – see bylaw)
  • Craft Sales and Garage Sales that are held at any location a maximum four (4) times per year for a maximum of two (2) consecutive days

Alberta Southwest Regional Business License

Resident businesses holding a valid business license with the Municipality may purchase a regional business license at  the Municipal Office. The purchase of a Regional Business Licence does not preclude the Business’s obligation to purchase a local business license in each Member Municipality in which it has a storefront or physical presence.  For details, please phone the Municipal Development Officer at 403-562-8833 or visit Alberta Southwest Regional Business License.


The fees* for a business license are as follows:

General - Resident Business:  $125.00

General - Non-Resident Business: $360.00

Home Occupation - Category 1:  $125.00

Home Occupation - Category 2:  $150.00

Tourist Home - Category 1:  $125.00

Tourist Home - Category 2:  $150.00

Day Rate - Resident (Max 7 Consecutive Days):  $50.00 per day

Day Rate - Non-Resident (Max 7 Consecutive Days):  $100.00 per day

Hawkers/Peddlers/Mobile Vendors/Push-Cart Vendors - Resident:  $125.00

Hawkers/Peddlers/Mobile Vendors/Push-Cart Vendors - Non-Resident:  $375.00

Home Occupation Development Permit Fee:  $200.00

The Business license year is January to December. Fees are pro-rated after October 1st at 50% of the regular annual fee.

*Fees are set in the Fees, Rates and Charges Bylaw.  If there is a difference between this list and the Bylaw, the Bylaw will be considered correct.


Alberta Government Services, 780-310-0000
Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council, 1-877-979-8100
Alberta Health Services, 403-562-5030
Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission, 1-800-272-8876
Alberta Southwest Regional Alliance, 403-627-3373
CNP Chamber of Commerce, 1-888-562-7108


For more details, please see our Business License Process brochure.

Development and Business Licence Applications

In Alberta, the Land Use Bylaws (LUB) are divided into permitted uses and discretionary uses. A permitted use is one that is allowed ‘as-of-right’ which means if a person who submits the required application, payment and drawings, has a right to their permit and/or business license. The Province does not require that the Municipality notify neighbours of the application or construction activity. A Discretionary Use is one that may be allowed, provided the applicant has obtained approval from the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC). The Province requires that the Municipality notify adjacent property owners of ‘discretionary use’ application at least 7 days prior to the date of the MPC meeting.

All Development Permit applications approved by the Development Officer and Municipal Planning Commission are appealable to the municipality’s Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) within 14 days of the decision. All discretionary use applications that are approved are advertised in local media.

Business License applications are not appealable to the SDAB because the business owner has a right to their license, provided they are in compliance with the relevant portions of the Land Use Bylaw and Business License Bylaw.

Anyone who has questions regarding, any planning, development or business license related issue in the Municipality may contact the Development Officer at 403-562-8833 or by email at: