Council Committee Appointments



AAMDC Mayor Painter
Agriculture Services Board Councillor Filipuzzi
Councillor Glavin - alternate
Alberta Southwest Regional Alliance Mayor Painter
AUMA Mayor Painter
Crowsnest Community Library Board* Councillor Glavin
Councillor Sygutek - alternate
Crowsnest Pass Community Pool Society Councillors Glavin, Sygutek
CNP Senior Housing Board* Councillors Anctil, Filipuzzi
Crowsnest/Pincher Creek Landfill Association* Councillors Filipuzzi, Lundy, Ward
Economic Development Committee Councillors Filipuzzi, Sygutek
Family & Community Support Services Councillors Anctil, Ward
Governance & Priorities All members of Council
Highway 3:02 Twinning Alignment -
Sentinel to Pincher Station Project Review Committee
Patrick Thomas - Technical Rep
Mayor Painter - Community Rep
Highway 3 Working Group Committee Mayor Painter
Management Negotiating Committee Mayor Painter, Councillor Ward
Mayors & Reeves of Southwest Alberta Mayor Painter
Municipal Historic Resources Board Councillor Sygutek
Municipal Planning Commission* Councillors Filipuzzi, Ward
Oldman River Regional Services Commission (ORRSC)* Councillors Filipuzzi, Ward
Oldman Watershed Council Mayor Painter, (Councillor Lundy - Steering Committee)
Parks & Recreation Authority Board Councillors Anctil, Lundy
Pass Powderkeg Ski Hill Society Councillor Glavin, Sygutek
Protective Services Advisory Committee Councillor Anctil
Councillor Lundy - alternate

Subdivision & Development Appeal*
Certification Required

Councillor Anctil

Mayor is named Ex Officio on all Boards and Committees except designated (*)

Deputy Mayor Schedule

2017 November & December Councillor Ward
2018 January & February Councillor Sygutek
March & April Councillor Lundy
May & June Councillor Glavin
July & August Councillor Filipuzzi
September & October Councillor Anctil
November & December Councillor Ward