Council Committee Appointments



AAMDC Mayor Painter
Agriculture Services Board Councillor Kovach
Alberta Southwest Regional Alliance Mayor Painter
AUMA Mayor Painter
Crowsnest Community Library Board Councillor Glavin
Crowsnest Pass Community Pool Society Councillors Anctil, Glavin
CNP Senior Housing* Councillors Filipuzzi, Antcil
Crowsnest/Pincher Creek Landfill Association Councillors Filipuzzi, Cartwright, Ward
Economic Development Committee Councillors Filipuzzi, Glavin
Family & Community Support Services Councillors Cartwright, Ward
Governance & Priorities All members of Council
Management Negotiating Committee Mayor Painter, Councillor Ward
Mayors & Reeves Mayor Painter
Municipal Historic Resources Board Councillor Cartwright
Municipal Planning Commission* Councillors Kovach, Ward
Oldman River Regional Services Commission (ORRSC)* Councillors Kovach, Filipuzzi
Oldman Watershed Council Mayor Painter, (Councillor Kovach - Steering Committee)
Parks & Recreation Authority Board Councillors Anctil, Ward
Pass Powderkeg Ski Hill Society Councillor Kovach, Glavin
Protective Services Advisory Committee Councillor Anctil

Subdivision & Development Appeal*

- Certification Required

Councillor Anctil

Mayor is named Ex Officio on all Boards and Committees except designated (*)

2017 Deputy Mayor Schedule

2016 November & December Councillor Anctil
2017 January & February Councillor Filipuzzi
March & April Councillor Glavin
May & June Councillor Kovach
July & August Councillor Ward
September & October Councillor Cartwright
November & December Councillor Anctil