Utility Billing

Tariffs, service charges, deposits, penalties, and fines for water, wastewater, solid waste, and recycling contained in Schedule E of Bylaw 969, 2016 - Fees, Rates and Charges Bylaw are to be charged to all persons who use, receive and/or require utility service connections to the Water and/or Wastewater systems and/or access to the Municipal Solid Waste and Recycling Programs of the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass.  Utility services are charged as a package (services cannot be separated out). 

All Class 9 accounts will be assessed based on the number of beds/units/rooms on the property regardless if some are vacant at times.

Service Fees as per Bylaw 969, 2016 Schedule E, effective July 1, 2016 (excluding R8): 

Residential $167.30 Bi-Monthly

Wastewater $55.20 Bi-Monthly; Water $62.38 Bi-Monthly; Garbage $43.94 Bi-Monthly and Recycling $5.78 Bi-Monthly

Senior's Rate Reduction $137.52 Bi-Monthly

Wastewater $40.00 Bi-Monthly; Water $55.26 Bi-Monthly; Garbage $37.26 Bi-Monthly and Recycling $5.00 Bi-Monthly

W2, S2 Commercial $123.36 Bi-Monthly

Includes Banks, garages, clinics, library, confectionery, offices, pharmacies, places of worship, exercise clubs, service stations, small retail stores, funeral homes, theatres, lumber yards, Legions, meeting places/halls, fast food services, snack bars, restaurants (seating capacity under 20). 

Wastewater $55.20 Bi-Monthly; Water $62.38 Bi-Monthly; and Recycling $5.78 Bi-Monthly

W3, S3 Commercial $240.90 Bi-Monthly

Includes fabrication, manufacturing, machining, welding shops, large retail stores over 6000 sq.ft., Nippon Institute, restaurants (seating capacity under 50).

Wastewater $110.40 Bi-Monthly; Water $124.76 Bi-Monthly; and Recycling $5.78 Bi-Monthly

W4, S4 Commercial $476.10 Bi-Monthly

Includes places of entertainment/ Licensed areas, restaurants (seating capacity 50 and over), schools, Forestry Office and provincial buildings.

Wastewater $220.80 Bi-Monthly; Water $249.52 Bi-Monthly; and Recycling $5.78 Bi-Monthly

W5, S5 Commercial $711.26 Bi-Monthly

Includes car washes, coin laundry, laundromats, and golf courses.

Wastewater $331.20 Bi-Monthly; Water $374.28 Bi-Monthly; and Recycling $5.78 Bi-Monthly

W8, S8 Commercial - price based on # of units

Includes manufactured home parks, and residential apartment buildings.  

Wastewater $18.40 bi-monthly per unit, Water $20.80 bi-monthly per unit, recycling $5.78 bi-monthly per unit.

W9, S9 Commercial - price based on # of units

Includes campgrounds, recreation parks, cabins/lodges, hospital, motels, hotels, nursing home, and seniors lodge.  

Wastewater $18.40 bi-monthly per unit, Water $20.80 bi-monthly per unit, recycling $5.78 bi-monthly.

Other Fees

Work order charge (water connection or disconnection) $80.00

Tagging of Past Due Utility Account $60.00

Rental Accounts

The Municipality will not enter into any non-owner Utility Accounts. 

Residential Utility Rates - Senior's Rate Reduction Policy

Effective on the rates beginning July 1, 2016, senior citizens who own their primary home in the Crowsnest Pass and who receive the Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement may qualify to receive a rate reduction for Municipal utilities (water, wastewater, garbage, and recycling).  Upon eligibility confirmation, adjustment will be made to the utility account to reflect the new rate classes and will take effect on the next billing cycle (the first billing cycle for the new rates will occur during the first week of September 2016).

If you own your home and receive the Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement, please fill out an application and return it, along with a copy of your T4OAS showing an amount in Box 21,  to the Municipal office to confirm eligibility.  Applications are available below and at the Municipal office.

1706-01 - Residential Utility Rates - Senior's Rate Reduction Program

Residential Utiltiy Rates - Senior's Rate Reduction Application

Applications, including a copy of your T4OAS, can be dropped off during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm) at 8502-19 Avenue, Coleman or can be mailed to Box 600, Crowsnest Pass, AB, T0K 0E0.

For more information, please call the Municipal office at 403-562-8833.

Payment Options

Mail: Mail payment to Municipality of Crowsnest Pass, Box 600, Crowsnest Pass, AB T0K 0E0. Please allow sufficient time for payment to reach the office before the penalty date indicated on the statement.

Municipal Office: Payment by cash, cheque, interact payment can be made during business hours from 8:30 - 4:30 pm.  Night deposit is also available.  All cheques must be payable to the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass. Cheques are conditional payment until honoured. Penalties will apply for any dishonoured payment.

Financial Institutions: Payment can be made at most chartered banks, trust companies, credit unions and Alberta Treasury Branches.

Online or Telephone Banking: If you have internet access, you can pay your bill online.  From your financial institution's online banking site, locate the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass (utilities) as the payee and your account number indicated on the statement will work as your account number, it will be necessary to omit the decimal and some banks will require that you add a 0 onto the end.  Please note:  Payee name may be entered differently depending on the bank, using a broad search such as 'crowsnest' tends to work best.  Contact your bank if you have any difficulties.  Please note that most banks can take up to three days for processing.

Pre-authorized Payment Plan: Pre-authorized payment plans are available on a monthly basis on the 15th of the month.  As the bill is bi-monthly, your monthly payment will be 50% of the bill.  Please contact the Utilities Department at (403) 562-8833.

Pre-Authorized UT Payment Form

Change of Address Form


Terms and Conditions

The utility bill is payable by the due date indicated on the bill.  Payments made after the statement date will reflect on the next bill.   Amounts owing after the due date are subject to a late penalty of 2% per month.  Past due accounts are subject to a warning tag fee of $60.00, in addition to disconnection and/or transfer to the tax roll.  Should it become necessary to disconnect the service for non-payment, the full amount plus a disconnection fee of $80.00, and a re-connection fee of $80.00  will be required before the service is restored.  Failure to receive or loss of the utility bill cannot be accepted as a reason for either non-payment or for exception from late payment penalties.


The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass provides a recycling service to its residents. In order to facilitate this service a charge of $2.89 per month will be applied to the utility billing of all customers receiving municipal utility services. (Bylaw 969, 2016)