The following items are recyclable if sorted and delivered to the Pass Beverages Bottle Depot located at 14833 - 14 Avenue in the Frank industrial park.

Office Paper
Photocopy paper, letter or other paper, white with one color heading, white envelopes (no windows), laser computer paper (white), colored ledger, fax paper, white ledger with more than one color/areas of color, chart paper, colored envelopes (not brown), shredded ledger, fan fold paper, white continues form.

All newspaper including flyers and small quantities of magazines.

Cardboard/Corrugated Cartons
(must be flattened) All corrugated cardboard, all boxed material, brown envelopes and brown paper bags (NO PLASTIC).

Any jugs or tubs (no film). Please - no containers from hazardous wastes or oil products.

Tin Cans
Washed, de-labeled and squashed, separate aluminum and tin.

Clear glass only (must be clean).

Note: Wax crayon, tempura paint and carbon contaminate the recycling process. Paper with these products must not be recycled.

Pass Beverages Bottle Depot can be reached by telephone: 403-562-8585.

Recycle My Cell in Alberta

Recycle My Cell (RMC) is Canada's national recycling program for mobile devices.  It is a free, convenient way to recycle old and unwanted cell phones, smartphones and accessories (rechargeable cell phone batteries, chargers, etc.).  For up-to-date information about drop-off locations, please visit  Residents that are unable to go to a drop-off site can print a pre-paid mailing label and mail their device through Canada Post.

The website also includes steps for how to delete personal information from wireless devices, provides answers to frequently asked questions, and highlights the various programs operated by their partners.  For further inquiries, please contact or phone 1-888-797-1740.