COVID-19 and the Election

We will have new processes and safety measures in place to protect voters, election workers, and candidate representatives at the polls and returning offices.

Voting safely is our priority for this election.

Some things you may notice include:

  • Physical distancing in the polls; voters will be asked to stay 2 metres (6 feet) apart
  • We strongly recommend wearing a mask at the polls
  • Hand sanitizer available at all polls
  • Surfaces in the polls will be disinfected throughout the day
  • Single-use pencils will be provided
  • Voters who feel unwell on election day should stay home

Protecting our election workers

  • Providing personal protective equipment to workers, such as masks, gloves, hand sanitizer
  • Separating workers from voters with acrylic sneeze guards (where available) or increased physical distancing
  • Workers encouraged to wash hands throughout the day
  • We’re surveying our election workers to hear first-hand any concerns about serving as election workers

Voting in care homes and hospitals

We are working with staff in these facilities to allow for safe voting