Election Information

Registration of Candidates

Effective January 1, 2014 under section 147.21(1) of the Local Authorities Election Act- "No candidate may accept campaign contributions, including funds of the candidate, unless the candidate is registered under this Act with the Municipality in which the candidate intends to run."

Under section 147.21(6)- "This section does not apply to a candidate if the candidate's entire election campaign is funded exclusively out of the candidates own funds up to a maximum of $10,000."

Please make arrangements to come in and fill out the Registration of Notice of Intent to become a Candidate for Municipal Office prior to accepting any donations with Kristin Ivey, Manager of Corporate Services at (403) 562-8833.

Form 3A- Application for Registration of Notice of Intent to Become a Candidate for Municipal Office 

Local Elections Act- Registration of Candidates

Form 3- Nomination Paper and Candidates Acceptance- To be completed for Nomination Day- September 18, 2017. 


Candidate Eligibility

A person may be nominated in any election under the Local Authorities Election Act if the person:

  • Is eligible to vote in the election
  • Has resided in the Municipality for 6 consecutive months immediately preceding nomination day; and
  • Is not otherwise ineligible

A person is ineligible to be nominated as a candidate in any election under the Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) if:

  • The person is the auditor of the local jurisdiction
  • The person is an employee of the local jurisdiction for which the election is to be held unless the person has taken a leave of absence;
  • the person is indebted to the municipality for taxes in default exceeding $50 (excluding indebtedness on current taxes, and indebtedness for arrears of taxes for which the person has entered into a consolidation agreement with the municipality)
  • The person is indebted to the local jurisdiction for any debt exceeding $500 and is in default for more than 90 days;
  • The person has, within the previous 10 years, been convicted of an offense under the LAEA, the Election Act or the Canada Elections Act.


2017 Election Key Dates

  • Mon, Sept 18, 2017 10am-noon- Nomination Day
  • TBD- Advanced Poll
  • Mon, Oct 16, 2017 - Election Day and Institutional vote at Crowsnest Pass Health Centre, Techumseh Apartments, Westwinds Apartments and York Creek Lodge.

Voters will elect:

  • One (1) Mayor
  • Six (6) Councillors

Voting Schedule of Events 

Advance Poll

Blairmore Elks Hall: TBD

Institutional Vote

  • Crowsnest Pass Health Centre: TBD
  • Westwinds Apartments: TBD
  • York Creek Lodge: TBD
  • Tecumseh Apartments: TBD

Election Day 2017

Monday October 16, 2017 TBD

  • Subdivision A: All electors from Coleman north and south of Highway #3 from 90th street west to the Municipal boundary. Voting Station: Crowsnest Pass Sports Complex, Banquet Facility 2nd floor (elevator Access) 8702-22nd Avenue Coleman
  • Subdivision B: All electors from Blairmore and Frank -91st Street east to 154th Street- North and South of Highway #3. Voting Station: Elks Hall, 2025-129 Street Blairmore
  • Subdivision C: All electors from Bellevue and Hillcrest – 155th Street east to the Municipal Boundary. Voting Station: MDM Community Centre (gymnasium), 2802- 222 Street Bellevue.

Voter Eligibility

  • Canadian residents who have lived in Alberta for 6 months prior to the election and are primary residents of the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass on Election Day are eligible to vote.
  • Voters will be asked to show government issued identification at the polling station that shows the elector's photograph, current address and name. If you are unable to produce government issued ID you must produce two pieces of ID from the following list: Authorized Identification


Municipal Affairs- Running for Municipal Office in Alberta- A Candidate's Guide

Municipal Affairs- Frequently Asked Questions about Municipal Elections

Resources for Women Candidates

Government of Alberta - Campaign encourages women to run for municipal office

Ready for Her - A guide for women running for municipal office

A Guide for Women Candidates

Election Toolkit for Women

2013 Municipal Election Results

Official Results

Mayor Totals  
Decoux, Bruce Vernon  467  
Painter, Blair 2065 Elected
Prince, John  152  
Councillor Totals  
Anctil, Marlene 1450 Elected
Filipuzzi, Dave 1348 Elected
Gallant, Brian 828  
Glavin, Doreen 1102 Elected
JaegerBaird, Sasha 334  
Juhlin, Timothy Arthur 911  
Kovach, William 1987 Elected
Lazzarotto, Shar 1832 Elected
Lonsbury, Jerry 765  
Mitchell, Larry 534  
Saindon, Emile Joseph 483  
Saltarelli, Paul 159  
Strembicki, Ed 999  
Thomson, Jamie 289  
Ward, Dean 1135 Elected

Municipal Election 2013 Master Count