Moving Forward 2017 and Beyond - DRAFT Council Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan,”2017 Moving Forward” outlines the Municipality’s vision for Crowsnest Pass and establishes four 5-year strategic goals to provide a clear focus for our future.  The draft “2017 Moving Forward” strategic plan is the foundation document for guiding administrative work to improve the quality of life for Crowsnest Pass residents.

This document is a 3-5-year document that will be revisited annually by Council to reaffirm key strategic initiatives and to set priorities for Administration.

The Municipal Council, elected in 2013, was able to bring insight of the community as a whole to inform the strategic directions in “2017 Moving Forward.” This knowledge and experience of a 4-year term Council has greatly enhanced and informed the strategic road map. Thus, the newly elected Council as of October 2017 election, will inherit a clear, informed plan of the corporate direction.   Having the “2017Moving Forward” plan in place will allow administration and a newly elected Council to continue to operate smoothly during an election transitional period. Future Councils will participate in annual reviews of the “Moving Forward” to adjust to new information, opportunities and challenges in the environment.

The Strategic Plan, "2017 Moving Forward" is a "living document" and will be reviewed and updated annually in order to remain relevant.

We welcome and encourage your feedback about Council's goals and objectives.

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Downloadable PDF version: Moving Forward 2017 and Beyond - DRAFT Council Strategic Plan