05.12.2021 Weed Wednesdays are Back!

Did you know that the Alberta Weed Control Act recognizes two categories of invasive weed species? “Noxious” weeds are those species which property owners are required to control and prevent from spreading.

“Prohibited Noxious” weeds are those species which are required to be destroyed and eradicated from the landscape.

Throughout the summer, the Municipality’s Agriculture and Environmental Services Department will be highlighting an invasive plant species every week during the growing season. Stay tuned to learn more about weeds of concern and how you can do your part to control their spread.

Contact the Agriculture and Environmental Services department at 403-562-8833 for more information on invasive species in the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass.

Brush up on your weed identification skills using this online guide: ID Book 2012 PROHIBITED NOXIOUS (alberta.ca)

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