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Snow Removal Information for Residents and Snow Removal Contractors

January 17 2017

We can all agree that there has been a lot of snow this year, and we would like to take this time to share information with you in regards to snow removal.

  • Snow and ice on sidewalks is a serious hazard so it is important that we all do our part to keep them clear within 48 hours after each snowfall. Do not push or shovel the snow back onto Municipal roads, this creates a safety hazard.  Contractors:  Please ensure you are not piling snow where it can impede sight lines for traffic entering roadways.
  • If you are concerned with having to clean your driveway entrance twice, please wait until your residential street has been plowed before you remove snow from your driveway. We are not responsible for clearing windrows from across driveways.  However, if you are having difficulties, please call our Operations Department and we will come back to assist after snow removal is complete on all other roadways. 
  • If you require assistance with snow removal from your driveway and/or sidewalk, please contact Kim Lewis in the Family and Community Services Department at 403-563-2207 to be put in contact with someone in the community who can help with snow removal.
  • If you are parked on the street when the roads are being cleared, the plow will have no choice but to go around your vehicle and you will be responsible for clearing that section of the street to get your vehicle out. Please try to watch and listen for the plows or find an alternative location to park.
  • We do not “warn” residents when we will be clearing snow in their neighbourhood as factors can change quickly during the winter, requiring snow removal equipment to be moved to different locations.
  • If you have decorative items on the boulevard, erect a 4’ flag or marker of some kind to alert operators that there is something to be avoided. It is very hard to know what is under the snow.
  • If there is damage to your boulevard, report it to the Operations Department and the damages to the boulevard will be repaired in the spring. Note that the Municipality is not responsible to replace damaged items placed on the boulevards in a decorative fashion such as flower beds or ornaments.
  • Any damages potentially caused to private property by municipal snow removal equipment must be reported immediately to the Operations Department for further investigation.
  • Please do not approach the equipment operators for any reason. The equipment is large and if they don’t see you, it can become a serious safety issue.  The operators are only doing as they have been instructed, so if you have a complaint, please phone the Operations Department.  For your safety, and for the safety of everyone else on the road, never approach snow removal equipment.
  • The Operations Department can be contacted at 403-563-2220.
  • Take a deep breath and look around. While the snow can be overwhelming at times, it has also made the Crowsnest Pass one of the most majestic places to live, work and play.