12.14.2018 Press Release – 2019 Budget

December 14, 2018 - For Immediate Release – Council is pleased to announce they have ratified the 2019 budget.  The approved budget is an 18 million dollar operating budget for 2019 and a 17 million dollar Capital Budget over 2019-2020.  Included in the budget is 31 new initiatives totaling in excess of 2 million dollars.  The budget includes a tax increase of 2.5% for residential, 3.5% for commercial and 1.5% in utilities.  Mayor and Council have provided that they are very proud of this budget, they are committed to seeing improvement and positive changes in our community and are very pleased to deliver a budget that will see us actioning 31 new initiatives in the new year. 

The approved Budget package, which contains the initiatives will be on the website shortly, as soon as the requested changes from Council are incorporated from the December 11 and 14 meetings. 

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