05.03.2018 Notice of Municipal Vegetation Management, Weed Control Program

As designated by the Alberta Weed Control Act, eradication of prohibited noxious and controlling noxious weeds must be done. Therefore, the Municipality will be conducting vegetation management via an Integrated Vegetation Management Program, one of our control methods is by chemical means. Commencing on May 15 until October 31, 2018, municipal contract sprayers will be conducting herbicide applications (weather permitting). Alternative municipal vegetation management will also be conducted, by cultural, mechanical or biological control methods.

The herbicide application contract has been awarded to certified/licensed vegetation management companies. Spraying will be conducted in specific locations throughout the Crowsnest Pass and also within the following town sites; Passburg, Bellevue, Hillcrest, Frank, Blairmore, Coleman and Sentinel.

Eradication or control of invasive species is critical to the long-term prosperity of our natural landscape. Due diligence with regards to public safety and environmental impact will be followed. It is recommend staying off sprayed areas of herbicide treatment for 24 hours following the application time/date which can be found on signs posted at the site.

Identification of these specific weeds can be found online at: Alberta Weed Control Act, Regulations

Invasive weed species photos and information can also be obtained through Crowsnest Pass Protective Services, Agricultural & Environmental Protection Department. Our office is located at the Blairmore Fire Station, Second floor, 2141 - 127 Street, call for an appointment, 403-562-8658 or 403-563-6247.

During the summer Municipal Weed Inspectors will be inspecting private properties, acreages and industrial sites for prohibited noxious and noxious weeds. The Municipality asks land owners to remove invasive weeds to prevent further spread.

What you can do;

  • Remove prohibited noxious and noxious weeds from your yard or property (be sure to remove the entire plant and roots if possible, careful not to dislodge possible seeds).
  • Ask for assistance to help identify weed species (Ag & Environmental Department).
  • Let your neighbors know if you find a prohibited noxious or noxious weed on your property, it may have spread.
  • Dispose of the weeds by double bagging the plant and placing it in your regular garbage disposal. DO NOT COMPOST (seeds will spread in new soil).
  • When selecting plants for your yard, check with your Ag & Environmental Department or local greenhouse, they can help with your selection.
  • Volunteer for community weed pulling or native planting events and learn more about vegetation management in the Crowsnest Pass (dates to follow).
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