There has been some concern about pet cats being trapped in the AARCS Feral Cat Trap-Neuter-Return program so here are some helpful tips and information for cat owners:

First, it is important to note that according to Bylaw 991, 2017 – Animal Control Bylaw Section 7.1, “The owner of a dog or cat shall ensure that such animal is not running at large.” Please keep your cats inside or on your property.

All cats must be licensed, also in accordance with the Animal Control Bylaw. Please visit the Municipal office at 8502 – 19 Avenue, Coleman during regular business hours to purchase your $25 lifetime cat license.

The AARCS program aims to trap, neuter, and return feral cats. If your pet cat is tattooed (with current and correct contact information) and licensed with a visible tag, the cat should not become part of the TNR program. 

The TNR program returns the cats back to the place from which they were trapped, so all cats will be returned to the area they came from, once they have recovered from any surgery.

The best way to ensure your cat does not get inadvertently trapped in the TNR program is to keep your cats inside or on your property.

View the complete Animal Control Bylaw on our Bylaws page.

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