08.19.2020 FIRE BAN IN EFFECT - Calgary Forest Protection Area and Municipality of Crowsnest Pass

In response to recent hot and dry conditions and no expected precipitation in the forecast, a fire ban is now in place for the southern parts of the Calgary Forest Area and the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass. All fire permits are suspended or cancelled.
 ·         outdoor wood fires
 ·         backyard firepits
 ·         barbecues with charcoal briquettes
 ·         fireworks and exploding targets
 ·         propane / natural gas powered appliances
 ·         open flame CSA approved oil devices
 ·         indoor wood fires
** All devices must be CSA approved and used as per manufacturer standards. Users are still responsible for care and attendance of all devices and should reduce their use during fire restrictions and bans. Approved activities or devices will not prevent potential prosecution or litigation if the user or device starts a wildfire.
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry will be monitoring conditions. The fire ban will remain in effect until conditions improve.
For up-to-date fire ban information, visit https://www.albertafirebans.ca/
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