05.26.2020 Fire Advisory in Effect - Forest Protection Area and Municipality of Crowsnest Pass

In response to recent precipitation in many areas of the province, the fire ban in the Forest Protection Area has been reduced to a fire advisory.  The fire ban in the Municipality is also reduced to a fire advisory.

A fire advisory means Albertans in the Forest Protection Area and Crowsnest Pass can safely enjoy the use of a fire pit in their backyard, charcoal briquettes on a barbecue, or a safe campfire.


  • safe wood campfires on public land, private land or in provincial campgrounds as long as they are inside an engineered campfire ring
  • backyard fire pits
  • charcoal briquette barbecues
  • use of propane, natural gas or powered appliance
  • catalytic or infrared-style heaters
  • safe burning with a permit
  • recreational off-highway vehicle use

Not permissible:

  • burning (excluding campfires) without a permit
  • fireworks or exploding targets without the written permission of a forest officer
  • fireworks in the Crowsnest Pass without a Municipal permit
  • unattended or unsafe campfires

Restrictions can be phased back in as necessary to address wildfire risk area-by-area, allowing Albertans the freedom to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. We will re-evaluate daily.

We expect this fire advisory to reduce the number of human-caused wildfires in Alberta, while allowing Albertans to enjoy outdoor activities as much as possible.


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