01.21.2020 Fair Deal Panel Meetings in Aldersyde and Fort Macleod

Albertans across the province are expressing unprecedented levels of frustration with the federal government and the barriers being placed in the way of Alberta’s economy. Alberta has been, by far, the biggest contributing province to Canada in recent decades, and a huge engine for jobs and growth. However, governments that have long profited from our resources, hard work, and generosity are now working against us as we continue to fight for a fair deal for Alberta and all Albertans.

On November 9, 2019, Premier Kenney announced the creation of the Fair Deal Panel, whose main objective is to consult with Albertans and ensure their concerns are heard. Starting in December, the panel members of the Fair Deal Panel hosted multiple town halls throughout the province, to provide Albertans with a platform in which to voice their concerns.

I will be co-hosting with 2 other MLA’s, 2 Fair Deal Panel meetings to provide you with the opportunity to convey your concerns about getting a fair deal within Confederation. All information gathered during these meetings will be reviewed and incorporated into a “what we heard report”, completed by the panel, which will be released in spring 2020.

To register at one of these meetings, visit:

Fort Macleod



Crescent Field House, Aldersyde


All Albertans also have the opportunity to provide their input online.  More information on how to participate is available at www.fairdeal.ca.

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