09.22.2018 Crowsnest Sports Complex - Ice Plant Update - September 21, 2018

Things are moving along, but as with all renovations and maintenance projects, it is running slower than we originally hoped.

The biggest delays are relating to sourcing the new panels and installation of safety systems.

A summary of the project is as follows. There are 3 “buckets” of activities.

  1. The sanctity of the plant and its capacity to make ice.
  2. The surrounding room, systems, alarms, etc.
  3. Procedures and training of our staff as well as our building occupants.

Presently it looks like we will get to fire up the plant and begin the ice making process near the end of next week – September 27-28.

We are no longer certain how long it will take as we have unplugged 13% of the tubes in the chiller, this might have a measurable effect on the efficiency of the systems.

The big question... when will there be ice? Best case is the weekend of October 13th for the rink side and 7 days later for the curling side. The worst case is about 7 days later for both sides.

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