Crowsnest Pass Protective Services wishes to remind the community of the requirement to comply with the Community Standards Bylaw 798, 2010, specifically to unsightly property and unregistered vehicles. Unhealthy, dangerous, potentially dangerous and unattractive premises are a detriment to surrounding properties and the community generally .

The Person or owner responsible for the land shall not allow his lands to be “Offending Premises”:-”Excessive rubbish, discarded household /construction items, long grass, abandoned/junked vehicles, animal waste, lack of repair/maintenance of dwellings, unsafe excavations, graffiti, vehicles parked on Municipal Boulevards.”

Upon receipt of concerns, Protective Services will work with the residents to educate, continue towards compliance and ensure that the bylaw is being complied with.

A Peace Officer, may enter in or upon an Owner’s land or structure, in accordance with the Municipal Government Act, to carry out an inspection, enforcement or other action required or authorized by this Bylaw.

If the property is found to be in violation of this bylaw the owner will be charged $50.00 for the inspection.

Should compliance not be reached the first offence fine under the bylaw is $250.00 and may result in further fines/costs to have the property brought into compliance.

Protective Services. Ensuring Crowsnest Pass is safe for all residents for work rest and play.

View the complete bylaw at https://www.crowsnestpass.com/municipal-government/council/bylaws-listed-alphabetically

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