01.30.2019 Press Release - Albert Stella Memorial Arena Closure

January 29, 2019 - For Immediate Release – The Municipality retained an engineering consultant to perform a structural analysis on the Albert Stella Memorial Arena to determine the structural integrity of the building.  The results of that analysis are that the building has been deemed unsafe for public use under wind and snow loads which could result in catastrophic failure under these conditions.

Upon receipt of this report, this item was added to the Special Council Meeting agenda this morning and Council passed a motion to close the Albert Stella Memorial Arena effective immediately in order to ensure the safety of the user groups and staff.   The Municipality realizes this facility provides important recreational opportunities to the community, however, public safety must come first.

The Municipality will be working with affected user groups to try to accommodate their activities at other facilities in the meantime.  In addition, the Municipality will be exploring options on how to replace this important facility within the community.

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