10.10.2017 Recreational Vehicle (RV) Storage and use in the Crowsnest Pass

Grouped Country Residential (GCR-1 and GCR-2) property owners can STORE one (1) RV for a period not to exceed 30 cumulative days in a calendar year if a principle use has not been established or approved.  Three (3) RVs can be STORED indefinitely if a principle use has been established or approved.

Residential (R-1) property owners can STORE one (1) RV indefinitely if a principle use has been established or approved.

In no case shall RVs be used for permanent living or sleeping accommodation.

Recreational Vehicles do not meet the basic safety code requirements for use as a residential dwelling under the Alberta Safety Codes Act. In this regard, the Municipality will not recognize Recreational Vehicles as a dwelling, whether seasonal, weekend or year-round usage. As such, they will not be issued a development permit to be used as a residential dwelling.

Recreational Vehicle would be considered as being used for residential purposes where any of the following criteria are met:

  • The Recreational Vehicle is used as permanent, temporary, seasonal residence;
  • The Recreational Vehicle has become fixed to the land (e.g. by piling or footings) and/or has had wheels or modes of transport removed;
  • Structures, including decks, secondary roof tops, or additions are attached to or built on top of the Recreational Vehicle; and
  • Utility connections, including water, sewer, and/or power, has been provided to the recreational vehicle.

If you have any questions about the use or storage of RVs, please review the Land Use Bylaw (868-2013 June 2013 (consolidated to Bylaw 987-2017 June 2017) (No Maps)) or contact Lisa Kinnear at lisa.kinnear@crowsnestpass.com.

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