12.31.2020 2021 Business Licenses and Animal Licenses

Business and Animal Licenses for 2021 are now due for renewal.

2021 Business License invoices have been mailed and are due January 31.

Your 2021 Business License is not valid until you have paid the invoice.  According to our Business License Bylaw No 1043, 2020, it is an offence to carry on business in the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass without a valid business license and could result in up to a $500 penalty.

If your business no longer operates in the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass, please advise us of your business closure in writing, so we can take your name off our list. If you do not provide us with this information, you may be responsible for the 2021 Business License fee and associated penalties.

Please visit www.crowsnestpass.com to view the complete bylaw.


2021 Animal licenses are now available for purchase at the Municipal office. Choose from an annual, a three-year, or a lifetime license.

To avoid receiving $100 a penalty for unlicensed animals, please ensure you have purchased your 2021 license by February 1.

To view the complete Animal Control Bylaw, please visit https://www.crowsnestpass.com/municipal-government/council/bylaws-listed-alphabetically.

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