Filing a Bylaw Complaint

How to File a Bylaw Complaint

Investigation Process

To start an investigation, a formal complaint can be filed online at A proper investigation and follow-up will commence after your information is collected.  We will require your name, address, and contact information and the nature of the complaint, such as:

  • Date/ Time/ Duration of the event;
  • What the event/ concern is;
  • Location of the event/ concern;
  • Specific information such as the description of the vehicle and a license plate, description of the animal (breed, colour), type of noise, etc.

At times, the investigating officer may need you to produce a signed statement and may need you to attend court.  If this is the case, the investigating officer will inform you of this requirement and explain the process.  Your personal information is kept in confidence and is essential to our investigations.  The Freedom of Information and Protection Privacy Act governs the collecting and dissemination of all personal information. If you are required to be a witness in a court proceeding, your legal name may be released to the defendant. 

When sufficient information is provided for the complaint, a file is then assigned to a peace officer for investigation.  Due to ongoing investigations, emergency calls and scheduling of the peace officer, calls may take up to two business days to be processed.