Fire Hazard Level

Current Fire Hazard Status


No Restriction

Normal burning rules apply.

Changes to the fire protection area boundaries for fire hazard levels in the Crowsnest Pass

Working with Alberta Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development (AFRED), and through Ministerial approval, the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass has redefined the boundaries of the Urban Service Areas. The original community boundaries defined in 1979 no longer represent community and residential expansions with the updated boundaries accurately reflecting the urban service areas of the municipality.
Many areas that were previously under the jurisdiction of the Forest Protection Area (FPA) are now within the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass, for fire protection and permitting.
Structure protection and urban area fire services are normally the jurisdiction of the local fire department, while AFRED holds the authorities for wildfires in the forested rural areas of the municipality.
The Municipality is still responsible for all wildfire suppression and prevention activities inside its urban areas now defined as an Urban Service Area. The Municipality is still responsible for structural protection in rural areas. AFRED will remain responsible for wildfire management in rural and forested areas outside of these boundaries.
Existing mutual aid agreements remain in place between the Municipality and AFRED
The Alberta Fire Bans website should be updated with the new boundaries shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know who to get a fire permit from?


If you are unsure of who to get a fire permit or a fireworks permit from, please contact Crowsnest Pass Fire Rescue at 403-562-8600 or visit the fire station in Blairmore.


My property is outside the new Urban Service Area.  Will I still receive fire services if I need them.


Absolutely.  You will experience no change to receiving emergency services for medical aid, fire suppression or other responses.


Who’s Fire Danger Ratings do I follow?  The Forest Protection Areas or the Municipalities?


It depends on if you are in the Urban Service Area of the Municipality or the FPA.  If there is any uncertainty, just inquire with the fire department.

Fire Hazard Levels

Fire Ban

No outdoor fires are permitted until further notice, including screened fire pits, burn barrels/incinerators, fireworks, recreational fire pits, and charcoal briquette barbecues.

Only gas and propane appliances such as barbecues, stoves, and fire pits are permitted.

All existing fire permits are suspended or cancelled, and no new fire permits will be issued.

Fire Restriction

Fire hazard conditions are at a level where fires can start and grow quickly.  No open burning fires or major burn operations are permitted.

Safe fires in approved fire pits (per the Fire Rescue Services Bylaw), burn barrels/incinerators with screens, as well as gas/propane stoves, barbecues, and fire pits are permitted.

All permits are suspended or cancelled, and no new permits will be issued.

Fire Advisory

Fire Services warns residents that a fire restriction or ban may be coming if conditions do not improve.

Open fires are permitted with permits, but residents are reminded to be extra vigilant.  Soaking the area adjacent to fire pits with water is recommended.

Fireworks permits may be issued.

Fire permits may be restricted.

No Restriction

Normal burning rules apply.

What can I use during a fire hazard level?

√ = Allowed

⊗ = NOT Allowed

  No Restriction Fire Advisory Fire Restriction Fire Ban
Open burning (with permit)

Recreational fire pits without a screen (including at parks)


Screened fire pits

Charcoal briquette BBQ (including pellet burning)

Propane/gas BBQ

Propane/gas fire pit