All Planning & Development fees can also be found in the Fees, Rates, and Charges Bylaw

*Please note that if the fees listed on our website differ from those listed in the Bylaw, the rates found in the signed Bylaw will be used.

Development Permit Fees

How to use this fee schedule: Base fee + Waiver fee (if applicable) = Total fee*

*Additional security or penalties may be required for some applications

Fee Schedule

Permitted Use (no Variance/Waiver Required)

Permitted Use with Major Variance/Waiver

Discretionary Use (Major Variance/Waiver)


Dwelling, single detached $250 $400 $400
Dwellings, manufactured, modular & RTM single detached $250 $400 $400
Dwellings, multi unit (per dwelling) $250 + $50 per unit $400 + $50 per unit $400 + $50 per unit
Dwellings, addition to residential building $150 $250 $250
Unenclosed decks/fence   $175 $175
Accessory buildings (e.g. detached garage, shed, shop) or additions to accessory buildings $75 $175 $175
Home Occupation Class 2     $200
Special residential uses (day homes, secondary suites)     $200
Temporary shipping container $75 $175  
Alternative/Renewable energy     $175
Demolition $75    

Commercial & Industrial

Change of use (less than 5,000ft2) $100 $175 $175
Change of use (over 5,000ft2) $200 $275 $275
New building (less than 5,000ft2) $300 $400 $400
New building (5,000 ft2 to 10,000ft2) $450 $550 $550
New building (10,000 ft2 to 35,000ft2) $750 $850 $850
Major commercial/industrial applications (in excess of 35,000ft2) $1500 $1750 $1750
Addition to building (less than 500ft2) $150 $250 $250
Addition to building (over 500ft2) $225 $300 $300
Temporary or permanent shipping container $75 $175 $175
Accessory building (shed, garage)     $175
Campground     $500
Temporary auto sales     $275 per year
Alternative/Renewable energy $75 $175 $175
Demolition $100    

Public & Institutional

Change of use (less than 5,000ft2) $100 $200 $200
Change of use (over 5,000ft2) $150 $250 $250
New building (less than 5,000ft2) $250 $350 $350
New building (5,000 ft2 to 10,000ft2) $400 $475 $475
Addition to public/institutional building (less than 500ft2) $100 $200 $200
Addition to public/institutional building (over 500ft2) $200 $275 $275
Accessory building     $175
Alternative/Renewable energy     $175
Demolition $100    

Sign permit

Sign Permit $75 $175 $175

Rental Rates for Municipal Land

Pasture Rates $1.00 per day per animal unit (minimum of 2) plus applicable taxes on land
Serviced Residential Lot Rental $140 per month per residential site plus applicable taxes on land


  1. Where a development (including a change of use) has commenced prior to a development permit being approved the penalty fee shall be two times (2x) the total amount listed in this schedule including base fee and waiver fee(s).



  1. Council may waive or lessen any of the above noted fees upon request, including a rationale to any of the above noted fees. Council may also delegate authority to waive development fees to the MPC.
  2. Whenever an application is received for a use not listed in this schedule the amount of the fee shall be determined by the Municipal Planning Commission or the Development Officer and shall be consistent with those fees listed herein for similar developments.
  3. Pursuant to the Land Use Bylaw, the Development Authority may require an application for a Permitted use be brought before the Municipal Planning Commission for reasons other than the issuance of a waiver, in which case the application shall be charged as Discretionary to cover costs of advertising.
  4. Additional fees may be incurred for supplementary advertising.

Other Planning & Development Fees

Application for Area Structure Plan or Outline Plan (not including 3rd party review)*

*see ASP application requirements


Third-Party Professional: all technical studies submitted in support of an area structure plan, subdivision or major development will be reviewed by the municipality’s approved professional as applicable (e.g. engineer, biologist, etc.).

Industry standard hourly rates + 10%

Request for Information Administration Fee


Application for Land Use Bylaw Amendment


                LUB Text amendment(s)


                Re-zoning/Map amendment(s)

$850 per parcel

Application for Statutory Plan Amendment (MDP, ASP)


Letter of Compliance / Zoning Letter

$50 (Regular Fee); $100 (Priority Fee)

Application for Encroachment Agreement


Encroachment Agreement Fee


Minor Development Agreement


Major Development Agreement (including 3rd party engineering review)


Road / Lane Closure


Municipal Reserve Disposal


Request to convene a special meeting of the Municipal Planning Commission


Appeal to Subdivision and Development Appeal Board



Contact ORRSC

Certificate of Local Authority (Condominium) fee

$40 per unit created

Historic Resource Designation


Discharge of Caveat



Performance Security Deposits

*Refundable upon compliance of Development Conditions

New Single Detached Dwelling


Moved In Dwelling


New Multi Family, Commercial & Industrial


Building Demolition using heavy equipment


Accessory Building prior to Primary Building