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Current Employment Competitions - Status Update

Do you have a passion for our community?  Make a difference where you live. 

Job Posting

Posting Type

Employment Type

Posting Status


Manager of Utilities

External Permanent Full-Time Open Competition closes October 13, 2020

Pass Powderkeg 2020/2021 Season Positions - click here to apply

External Temporary Open Various positions with various closing and interview dates.

Fire Fighter Recruitment

External Paid On-Call   Open Continuous

Deputy Returning Officer and Supervisory Deputy Returning Officer - 2020 By-Election

External Temporary Part-Time Closed Screening


Internal/External  Permanent Full-Time Closed Screening

Clerk I - Reception

Internal/External  Casual Closed Screening

Building Inspector

External Permanent Full-Time Closed Closed

Equipment Operator I - 6 month term

Internal/External Temporary Full-Time Open Hired

Community Peace Officer

External Permanent Full-Time Closed Hired

Returning Officer - 2020 Municipal By-Election

External Temporary Part-Time Closed Hired

Development Officer

External Permanent Full-Time Closed Hired

Please note:  The Municipality does not accept unsolicited applications for employment.  If a position becomes available that you are interested in, please resubmit your application as the Municipality does not retain applications.

Job descriptions for open external postings can be found by clicking on the Job Posting name.

How to Apply

Unless otherwise specified in the posting, applicants should send a resume and cover letter outlining how they meet the specific requirements of the position via email to:

Tim Nickerson
Manager of Human Resources

How to submit a Strong Application

  • Personalize your application for our organization and for the job that you are applying for.  Use the cover letter to clearly outline how you meet the qualifications for the position as outlined in the job description; 
  • We love living and working for the Crowsnest Pass, tell us why you want to work here;
  • Ensure we are a good fit for you as well - if you are not sure if a role is right for you or have questions, please reach out to the contact above, we are always happy to talk to applicants about the position or the organization;
  • Apply on time, once, and through the preferred method, which is email unless otherwise specified.  Multiple applications in different formats just cause confusion.  If you are updating your application, instruct us to delete an earlier submission;
  • Support materials like references or educational certificates are not required until the selection phase, please hang on to these until they are requested;
  • Don't submit to a third party - applications must be received by Human Resources by the due date, so don't give to another employee or third party, just send it directly to the contact by email, which will give it a date stamp and you can be sure it arrived.
  • Send your resume as a PDF document.

Types of Postings

Internal Posting - Open to Permanent CUPE Employees of the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass as per our Collective Agreement.

External Posting - Open to the public including all non-Permanent (i.e. temporary, term and casual) employees of the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass.

Five Stage Employment Process

Stage 1 Internal Posting For unionized positions as per the Collective Agreement
Stage 2 External Posting Newspaper Ad, Municipal Website, and other job boards
Stage 3 Screening Reviewing applications and selecting a short list
Stage 4 Selection Process Interviewing, reference checks, making an offer and performing other screening as required by the Hiring Policy
Stage 5 Hired Candidate has accepted an offer and a start date has been set.