RIDECrowsnest is currently not running.  Please phone the office at 403-562-8833 to discuss your options for transportation in the Municipality.


How to Book your Ride

RIDECrowsnest operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00am - 2:00pm

Call the Municipal Office at 403-562-8833 to schedule your trip with RIDECrowsnest or call the driver directly at 403-563-0040 to arrange your ride.  Once on the bus, you will coordinate your return trip home with our driver.

Walk-ons Welcome

If you see the bus stopped when you are out and about and would  like a ride, feel free to walk on the bus and request a ride to your desired location!

Rider Fees

0 - 5 years FREE  
6 - 17 years

$2.00 per pick-up/drop-off

$1.00 per additional stop

Punch card:

12 rides for $20.00

18+ years

$4.00 per pick-up/drop off

$1.00 per additional stop

Punch card:

12 rides for $40.00

Private Rentals

For details and rates, please contact Kim Lewis at 403-563-2207.